Thursday 25th October 2018

A Welcome-drink is served as the guests arrive in the blowing-room in Pukeberg.
The culinary food from Småland is served as a buffet; Baked Potatoes, “Isterband” -smoked sausage, fried Pork, “Hyttsill” – salted herring cooked in the oven with cream and onions. Our musician is singing traditional Swedish songs as the guests enjoy the traditionally prepared food.
During the Hyttsill our Master glassblower invites all the guests to try to blow a bubble of glass, right after a demonstration where our glassblower shapes beautiful products of the hot glass-mass. The glass which the welcome-drink was served in is a gift and can be engraved on. The Shop in Pukeberg offers everyone a 20% discount during the Hyttsill. As the evening comes to an end our traditional Swedish Cheese Cake is served warm with whipped cream, strawberry-jam, coffee/tea and some more music. Beer, snaps, wine etc are also available at the bar.

PUKEBERG was founded in 1871. Here You will find a well-preserved industrial environment from the beginning of the previous Century. In Pukeberg the blowing room is directly connected to the Glass-shop and is open to visitors. The glassblowers love to experiment with different colors and in the shop You will also find classic products in clear glass. We also have smith, leather products, Ekelunds textiles etc.
You will find Pukeberg Glassworks only 10 min walk from Svartbäcksmåla.

Price: 275sek/person 
Hyttsill is served Thursday 25th October at 6pm (18.00) reservations


Friday 26th October 2018


At the mushers dinner, that will take place at a venue in central Nybro, we will eat good, listen to lovely music and have a nice evening together.

The menu: Chicken and cheese pie Bread roll with scrambled eggs and cheese A spicy Pork Loin Fillet of salmon, baked with herbs Creamy potato salad, green salad and Freshly baked bread and butter. Dessert: Dark chocolate mousse with raspberries and lemon balm 

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