What class are you planning to compete in at the EC Dryland?
At the European Championships I will start in the canicross class with my young 15 months-old eurodog Mazak.

Have you competed in any previous EC/WC Dryland events?
Yes, I participated in the World Championships last year in Szamotuly in Poland also in canicross class. I finished the competition in 12 place.

How do you prepare yourself and your dog/dogs for a race like the EC Dryland?
I train with my dogs 4 times a week. 3 times scootering or bikejoring and once a week running canicross.

Little by little I increase the distance covered in training to prepare them for specific competitions. We train power and speed at intervals or run full distance.
I train separately at least 5 times a week. My workout looks like typical training of a runner preparing for a distance of 5000m,

What is your goal for EC Dryland?
It would be nice to be on the podium but my goal is to finish the competition in first five.