What class are you planning to compete in at the EC Dryland?
- my plan for the ec dryland is to start in the 8 dog class. 

Have you competed in any previous EC/WC Dryland events?
- yes i have. 2016 ec dryland england, 2017 wc dryland poland and 2018 ec on snow in italy

How do you prepare yourself and your dog/dogs for a race like the EC Dryland?
-i drive with my bike. For the dogs i make diffrent trainings with diffrent trails. In summer i do water trainings with the dogs.

When the temps are cold i make trainings with bike and with my cart.

What is your goal for EC Dryland?

-Its my 2 race with 8 dogs. After the 2x 2place on ec and wc i hope that i can be one of the 5 best in the 8 dog class.