What class are you planning to compete in at the EC Dryland?
I am starting in the Scooter 2 dogs event

Have you competed in any previous EC/WC Dryland events?
Yes i was at the ec event in Thetford forest in england, And last year we was at WC in Poland

How do you prepare yourself and your dog/dogs for a race like the EC Dryland?
I was starting my own traing in april. and have been out runnin 4-6 times a week. So i have had this championsship in my head since then, Try to set up a plan for the dogs pretty earlie, but whe hade to change plan many times because of the head this summer. I am always trying to fill the dogs with good energie.and a good traings sessions before a race.

What is your goal for EC Dryland?
To have two really good races in our legs, Of course we want medals but we will see how it turns out