Stake-Out Area:
Is open all week. We will have staff showing where to stand, depending on which class you compete in.

The trails is open for training (max 2 dogs) throughout the week. The trails will be closed a few hours each day for fix. The public is entitled to be on the trail until the competition day. AND dont forget to show respect for each other and smile :-)

Veterinary Control:
There will not be a veterinary control prior to the event for each team but there will be veterinarians at the race area and stakeout whom will check and control dogs during the event. The vets will keep an eye on all competitors dogs so that everything looksgood and that the dogs have a good time.

For entries starting Thursday and Friday, submit your dog passport and chip list to your Team Leader, then he/she will bring the documents to the Team Leaders meeting on Wednesday.

Competitors starting Saturday and Sunday shall submit their dog passport and chip lists to the Team Leaders meeting on Friday.